Case Consultation-Trial Preparation

The importance of your case means that an intelligent, unbiased and clear evaluation of the facts is vital for your trial strategy.  As an expert witness consultant, I can assist you with developing cross-examination or deposition questions, assist with jury selection or voir dire, evaluate expert testimony on a variety of forensic and clinical issues, review of opposing expert’s report, or provide a comprehensive evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. As a consultant, I can also help you present your evidence in the most relevant format that is based on psychologically derived methods of persuasion. 

Employment-Workers Compensation

As an employer, you may wish to have your employee evaluated to determine the validity of suspected injuries related to workplace harassment or discrimination claims.A forensic evaluation can also focus on pre-employment screening or determining the scope and presence of a work related psychological injury. 


If you are an immigration attorney, you may need to establish reasons why a waiver for exclusion, deportation and removal should be granted by ICE.A comprehensive psychological evaluation can examine extreme and exceptional hardship, political asylum, spousal abuse claims or citizenship waiver. Immigration attorneys often refer clients with a criminal record, or a history of drug or alcohol abuse, for psychological examination regarding diagnosis, effects of rehabilitation and treatment, and for a statement regarding character, moral fitness, and emotional stability.


As an expert psychologist, Dr. Yufik conducts assessments and clinical interviews for reality show casting as well as assisting production teams in anticipating individual behavior and personality during filming. The services may also include on-location debriefings and support for cast and crew, risk assessment and individual short-term therapy. As an experienced forensic psychologist, Dr. Yufik is also available for creative advising and script consultation for writers. 

Professional Discipline

The majority of professional displine cases arise because of untreated mental illness or substance abuse in addition to a conviction for certain criminal offenses. A comprehensive psychological evaluation can speak to a viable alternative to prosecution as well as address rehabilitation and mitigation issues.