Elder Abuse-Undue Influence

You may wish to have your client evaluated to determine if they have been the victim of abuse, require a conservatorship or have the ability to manage their financial affairs.“Dependent adults"—meaning people who, because of either their age or a disability, are dependent on others to meet their daily needs, may be confused, medicated, and/or otherwise mentally or physically impaired. Because of this, they are particularly vulnerable to physical and financial abuse. 


If you have concerns that an employee is unable to perform his duties or may pose a risk of harm to himself or others, you may require a fitness for duty evaluation. A fitness for duty evaluation can determine if psychological issues are interfering with hisability to function effectively and carry out essential job functions. The evaluation also includes an assessment of whether the individual poses a risk of harm to self or others.A forensic evaluation can help to determine if the employee is suffering from medical/ psychiatric problem that may impair his concentration, attention, judgment and emotional control. 

Professional Malpractice

If you have a professional license you can be accused of misconduct and may disciplinary proceedings.  A psychological evaluation can help provide mitigating evidence and a causal connection between the alleged misconduct and a psychological problem. The forensic evaluation can also provide detailed rehabilitation and treatment recommendations in lieu of disciplinary proceedings.  In addition, a forensic evaluation can assist in establishing a record of rehabilitation for returning to work or restoring your license. 

Psychological Damages-Personal Injury

A personal injury evaluation can be used to determine if you or your client has suffered a psychological injury which may qualify for compensation.  In cases of intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress, a forensic evaluation can determine if the subject trauma caused or did not cause the plaintiff's psychological injury. A forensic injury report will also help to determine if the plaintiff or defendant is malingering or the result of unrelated stressors.

Testamentary Capacity

In order to avoid or reduce the risk of future litigation, prior to changing or writing a will your client can obtain a testamentary capacity evaluation. The assessment of testamentary capacity and its interrelationship with vulnerability to undue influence can help to establish a strong deterrent to challenging a will. In the alternative, a capacity evaluation can also assist the trier of fact in determining if a testator was legally competent to execute a will or trust.