Forensic Psychology

Judges and juries often rely on forensic experts to help decide the ultimate legal issue before the court.

Specialized knowledge is often necessary to help judges and juries understand and interpret information dealing with human behaviors. When such expert evidence is presented, judges must decide if the expert is qualified to present that evidence, the evidence meets minimal standards of admissibility, and if the testimony violates any legal privileges or rules of evidence. Thus, a knowledgeable and experienced expert witness who knows the legal system and has specialized knowledge of forensic psychology can provide invaluable assistance to your case.

You may be able to strengthen your cases using a forensic psychology expert who can assist you at any stage of litigation.

Dr. Alex Yufik is a licensed clinical psychologist and a licensed attorney. He is an expert source on a variety of clinical and forensic topics, and has given numerous trainings and interviews to local and national news organizations, including KCAL9, Washington Post, New York Post and others. He is able to develop an almost instantaneous rapport with jurors during court testimony, and to speak about difficult topics in a straightforward and respectful manner and in a language that jurors can grasp and understand.

  • You will get relevant and comprehensive psychological evaluations that can make your case more persuasive and your trial strategy more effective.
  • Credible and persuasive trial testimony.
  • You will have regular and timely communication you want from an expert.
  • The knowledge that I use only state of the art psychological instruments that are valid and reliable.
  • Have well written reports that are easy for the jury to understand and that make sense.
  • Be assured that your expert will offer a forceful presentation of the data a reasoning upon which a conclusion is based with reliable and compelling testimony .
  • Know that your expert will assist you with trial strategy and provide you with an evaluation of any weaknesses in opposing expert testimony.