Forensic Services

After all the information is gathered and analyzed, Dr. Yufik will then discuss his conclusions and recommendations with the retaining party. In the event that the information proves useful, he will then prepare a detailed report if requested, and be available for depositions and trial testimony. 

In each case a thorough mental health assessment is conducted to determine and clarify any forensically related issues.  After the initial phone consultation with the retaining party, the emphasis is on determining an answer to a legally relevant question. The assessment may focus on diagnostic evaluation, personality profiling, evaluation of cognitive ability, detection of malingering and other individual characteristics. The forensic examination is generally conducted in four (4) parts.

  1. The first part involves a detailed review of all the relevant records and evidence. The records may consist of police reports, crime scene reports, photographs, depositions, pleadings, eye witness reports, medical records, employment records, school records and may include location visits.
  2. The client is then interviewed and a mental status exam is conducted. This provides an important means by which a psychologist may diagnose and assess individuals for the purpose of providing evidence and testimony in a court proceeding.
  3. Specialized psychological testing is administered following the clinical interview. The testing instruments are state of the art tools designed to provide additional information about emotional and personality functioning, neurocognitive abilities or deficits, intellectual ability and other aspects of mental functioning. The testing is also used to evaluate the probability of malingering and deception, as well as addressing forensically relevant issues.
  4. The forth step involves contacting and interviewing collateral sources to corroborate the information provided. In forensic practice the evaluator never relies on only self-report. The reliance on multiple sources of data provides reliability and validity to any forensic report or testimony.